Sunday, 17 February 2008

Brighton Pavilion.

I've started this new journal to show you around the place I live. Sussex is on the south coast of the UK and has some beautiful ancient towns and villages. It also has some wonderful gardens which are world renowned.
The first batch of photos are of the Royal Pavilion which stands in Brighton city centre. It was built for the Prince Regent, later to become George IV. It has beautifully kept gardens with plants which would have been used in the Regency era.


gaboatman said...

Beautiful photos, Jeannette.  I just had to come over here and welcome you and your new journal.  I like it.  Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely city!

jeadie05 said...

What a treasure ,this newj ournal of yours ,have enjoyed it and look forward to further entrys Jan xx

rbrown6172 said...

what a wonderful idea!  these are beautiful.  looking forward to more.

midwestvintage said...

Love the shots.  What a beautiful building.


madcobug said...

The Royal Pavilion is a beautiful building. Those flowers are beautiful. Helen

lindachapmanuk said...

I am going to love this journal...I haven't been to Brighton since a hen weekend there some years ago ...oh I did go down around 5 years ago, I just love it!...the lanes and the small shops on the beach...on our hen weekend it was beautiful weather and we strolled along the front listening to different rock bands!...I watched Quadrophenia the other night (again) and it was lovely seeing all the shops and the pier etc...have you seen that? ...Linda x x

queeniemart said...

i LOVE all your photos, always. Your hometown is breathtaking.
love, lj

pharmolo said...

Thanks for the reminders of Brighton, Jeannette. Only visited the place a few times (1984 and ?2000), but it was nice to see it again.

wwfbison said...

Beautiful shots, I am going to be loving your new journal!!!  Can't wait to see more.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Oh, Jeannette, this is a wonderful idea.  You have such beautiful architecture and gardens in the UK.  The flowers here are such a breath of fresh air and so pretty.  Can't wait to see more of your town.  I think that's such a good idea.  xx Chris

nedmoh said...

Love this new journal with all the great Photos ,look forward to hearing more Jeanx


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