Sunday, 24 February 2008

More of Brighton, Rottingdean and the Marina.

IMG_7158.jpg Rottingdean village. picture by jlocorriere05

I've been looking through some photos and found some to add here. Brighton is surrounded by villages, namely Rottingdean ~ famous for being the home of Rudyard Kipling, Stanmer, Falmer and Ovingdean. They all come within the borough of Brighton. The town of Brighton was itself a small fishing village known as Brighthelmstone many years ago. It's grown into a large town and was given city status in 2000 by the queen. My family were all fishermen and had stalls in the fish market. I grew up with the awful smell of fish being gutted! Yuk!
The above photo was one I took in Kipling Gardens which are the gardens attached to The Elms, Kiplings' house.
I've added some of the scenery in Brighton including the marina which was completed in 1978 and opened by the queen. It's the largest marina in Europe and is home to 1,600 yachts and boats. You can see by the photos just how crowded it is!
There's an undercliff walk from Brighton along to Rottingdean, I've walked it many times and never fail to be impressed with the white chalk cliffs that stretch from Brighton through to Dover.

Here's a link to St Mary's church, it has such a wonderful interior despite being rather ugly on the outside. It's the only photo I didn't take myself but got it off the church website.

                      TRIF33B.jpg picture by jlocorriere05


madcobug said...

Those photos are very pretty and the one of you is a great one. Helen

jeadie05 said...

I loved all this and look at the lovely picture of you Jan xx

lindachapmanuk said...

I agree with Helen, that is a good picture of you!...The photos were lovely especially the ones of the lanes...fancy that being the original village!...they are so tiny, there used to be a hippy shop there I loved to go is interesting to see what places used to be called as well...Guildford used to be called Golden Ford because of it's golden sand on the edges of the river there...this is a great idea, you sharing your pics with us! Linda x x

nightmaremom said...

Love the pictures.... and the one of you is fabulous!!!  Thanks for sharing my friend

queeniemart said...

you are so pretty!
As are the pics you take...they are just breathtaking. I love to hear of your towns history.

wwfbison said...

These pictures are gorgeous, they look like something right out of a fairy tale!  Look at the pretty lady at the bottom!!! ;)

mtrib2 said...

I enjoyed your photo's of Brighton.    Your photo is charming.   mark

Lori J said...

Evening Jeannette, You actually had responded to one of my comments, but I am not one of the journals you regularly follow.
I so enjoy the pictures both you Jeannette's post of England.
Hubby wants to come to see where his mom was raised in Hastings,
Blessings of the season,

Alberta LORI

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hi Jeanette, I have been neglecting my blogging and I'm so ashamed. Great to see you are still at it and still posting wonderful pictures.


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